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Intelligent Detection and Decision Assistance in Power Systems


The section theme, 'Intelligent Detection and Decision Assistance in Power Systems,' aims to unite a diverse range of ideas, innovations, and discussions at the cutting edge of modern power systems. This theme focuses on the rapidly evolving field of intelligent detection technologies and their crucial role in supporting informed decision-making in power system management.
At the heart of this theme is an examination of how advancements in sensor technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics are transforming the way power systems are monitored, controlled, and maintained. It highlights the importance of integrating these technologies to improve the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of power grids. This is particularly vital in light of growing demands and the increasing incorporation of renewable energy sources.


Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
1. Advances in Sensor Technologies for Power Systems. 电力系统传感器技术进展
2. Machine Learning and AI in Power System Monitoring. 电力系统监测中的机器学习和人工智能
3. Big Data Analytics for Predictive Maintenance in Power Grids. 电网预测性维护的大数据分析
4. The Role of IoT in Enhancing Power System Intelligence. 物联网在提升电力系统智能化中的作用
5. Decision Support Systems in Power Grid Management. 电网管理中的决策支持系统
6. Cybersecurity Challenges in Intelligent Power Systems. 智能电力系统中的网络安全挑战

Invite research papers and case studies focusing on innovative methods and applications in the field of power system detection and decision support.



Organizer: Jianjun Ma, The New Energy Institute at China Water Northeastern Investigation Design & Research Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer: Cheng Li, Changchun Institute of Technology, China
Biography: Jianjun Ma, Vice President of the New Energy Institute at China Water Northeastern Investigation Design & Research Co., Ltd., and a Senior Engineer. He graduated from Hohai University, majoring in Hydrodynamics, in 2011. He has published over 10 papers, applied for 12 patents, and filed for 10 software copyrights. Additionally, he has applied for 2 company science and technology projects and published 3 works. He has been awarded the first and second prizes of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Songliao Committee, and the third prize for Excellent Engineering Design in Jilin Province. In 2019, he was named Model Employee of China Water Northeastern Investigation Design & Research Co., Ltd., and in 2015, he was recognized as an Outstanding Communist Youth League Member of SASAC. He is a member of the National Energy Group (Jilin Company) expert database. He has passed the examinations for Registered Civil Engineer (Hydraulic Structure) and Grade II Construction Engineer (Mechanical and Electrical Major), and has completed registration.
Biography: Cheng Li, Deputy Director and Master Tutor, Associate Professor in the Department of Energy and Power Engineering at Changchun Institute of Technology. Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Thin Film Sensor Imaging, UK. Earned a PhD from the Department of Energy and Power Engineering at the University of the West of Scotland, UK. Recognized as part of the fourth batch of the 'Jilin Province Young Science and Technology Talent Lifting Project', a top talent in Jilin Province. Member of the Jilin Province Electrotechnical Society and the Jilin Province Instrumentation Society. Serves as an Academic Editor for the journals 'Advances in Materials Science and Engineering' and 'Coatings'. Has led and contributed to over 10 scientific research projects, including the National Key Research and Development Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, key research and development initiatives of the Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Association, and the State Grid technology development. Published more than 30 academic papers, holds over 10 patents, and has received the Silver Prize of the Jilin Province Science and Technology Progress Award.
李成,长春工程学院,能源与动力工程系副主任,副教授,英国薄膜传感器影像研究所博士后,英国西苏格兰大学材料工程专业博士,硕士研究生导师,能源与动力工程系副主任;第四批“吉林省青年科技人才托举工程”被托举人,吉林省省域拔尖人才,吉林省电工技术学会、吉林省仪器仪表学会会员。Advances in Materials Science and Engineering及Coatings期刊编委会学术编辑。主持并参与科技部国家重点研发计划、吉林省科技厅重点研发、吉林省科协、国家电网技术开发等科研项目10余项,发表学术论文30余篇,获专利10余项,获吉林省科技进步二等奖1项。
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